Bottega14 Project

About This Project

Right from the start, when Bottega14 was still in its nascent phase, the need and desire were to be able to give value to our kitchen, that of Reggio Emilia, that which belongs to us;
with the restaurant a huge step was made, but we knew that we still lacked "something"; in the head flashed the intention to create, in part, what since the time "the shop" represented: an environment dedicated to the direct sale of products, with his laboratory, where you can choose and "bring home" a piece of what that was realized.

So the idea of ​​a small gastronomy, inside the Bottega.

Choosing a project name that fully represents what you want to propose is never simple;
then at a certain point we said: why not pay homage to the secular OLMA, heritage and pride of the Campagnolese community and the low, elderly lady, full of experience, with strong and vigorous arms, as they were and are our "Rezdore", as they were and are our "GRANDS"?
Hence the idea of ​​giving value to their commitment, traditions and what has been handed down over time.

Much of what is produced here in Bottega14 is reproduced in our "small gastronomy", in a seasonal way, with passion and enthusiasm, in this project called NONNA OLMA

... begins like this, another "little adventure" called #NonnaOlma - the Bottega gastronomy -
- Patè Radicchio and Speck
- Giardiniera
- Caramelized Balsamic onions
- Pears and pears and chocolate jam
- Fresh pasta
- Traditional Balsamic Vineries and Balsamic Condiments
- Cured meat
... all in the window and strictly #homemade.